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Photo Gallery: Jim Zwernemann

Jim continues to amaze the hobby with his beautiful 1/48 scale models.   He completed these two new cars in time for March Meet earlier this year.   Both cars won awards at the show. 

Illinois Terminal 36’ single sheathed boxcar
The model is based upon photographs and dimensional data found the ORER.  Jim used styrene as the basic material to scratch build this interesting car.  The decals were obtained from Nickel Plate Models.   The model is painted with Poly Scale acrylic paints with acrylic weathering washes.  Jim softens the colors with the addition of white or gray to reduce the saturation for viewing under layout conditions.   There have been several articles in recent years on the technique of “scaling” color. 

Texas & New Orleans C-30-1 wood caboose
Jim used a Mullet River Model Works wood SP caboose kit as a starting point..  The kit was modified by Glenn Guerra to reflect differences from the standard SP C-30-1 to the T&NO version.   The T&NO cupola was taller and round corners are different.   The basic laser cut wood kit was very complete and finished up well.   Jim used acrylic paints to finish and weather the car.   The trucks have scratchbuilt leaf springs.  

Mullet River Model Works is releasing a kit based upon Jim’s model.   The kit is laser-cut wood with exquisite etched brass underframe and end railing parts.    

After many years of planning Jim has started to build his home layout.  He added a building to his property to contain his workshop and layout room and serve as a garage.  The layout room is approximately 25’ by 32’ and is finished off to provide a comfortable environment to work in.  

The mainline is Code 125 rail and Code 100 used on sidings.   Many of the scenes are taken from places in and around where Jim grew up.   The scene show below is of crossing of the MKT and T&NO at a place galled Elgin, TX.   The actual junction is not too far from his home but he has recreated how it looked in the 1950s.  The photo was taken by Arnold Menke.

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