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Photo Gallery: Stan Schwedler

All of Stan’s models are equipped with Proto48 wheels, San Juan AAR Type-E couplers and their trucks.


Stan started with the basic Intermountain styrene AC&F 8000 Gal. tank car. He replaced the original plastic handrails with brass wire and brass handrail brackets (Back Shop) and scratch built metal dome ladder. KC brakes. Stan’s brother, Sheldon, modified the San Juan Archbar trucks with AC&F tank car truck bolsters.

Decals by Proto Cals (Jim Hickey), no longer available.

UTLX #58420 “Van Dyke” Tank Car, Type VV

Stan converted a Grandt Line styrene On3 “Gramps” kit to standard gauge. The KC brake cylinder mounted in original standard gauge position. When the prototype standard gauge cars were converted to narrow gauge, the KC brake cylinder on type VV tank cars had to be remounted on an extended mounting bracket so that the narrow gauge trucks would clear. Cars that were never converted to narrow gauge would have the KC brake cylinder like the model. San Juan Archbar trucks and Thinfilm decals were used to complete the car.

PIONEER OIL & REFINING CO. #114 “Van Dyke” Tank Car Type V

This is another Grandt Line styrene On3 “Gramps” kit converted to standard gauge. Pioneer Oil had one ex-UTLX “Van Dyke” tank car in their small fleet of tank cars. This car had KD brakes, which is unchanged from the narrow gauge kit. Stan used San Juan Andrews trucks per the prototype. Custom artwork by Bruce Blalock, who had Chuck Francis (Thinfilm) print decals many years ago (not available commercially.) Additional data decals by Micro Scale.

UTLX #55345 “Van Dyke” Tank Car, Type V

A Grandt Line styrene On3 “Gramps” kit was converted to standard gauge for this particular prototype. Type V tank cars used KD brakes for both standard gauge and narrow gauge because the narrow gauge trucks would already clear. San Juan Archbar trucks and San Juan Decals tank car lettering were used to finish the car.

WESTERN PACIFIC #16245 Double Sheathed Boxcar

Stan used a San Juan styrene kit and trucks for this model. He used a correct black & white herald, initials and numbers by FRR Decals and Microscale dimensional data. Correct decals are now available from Rick Leach (RL Design). This is a good kit for someone just starting out in P:48 as it can set a standard for other cars you may want to build to. The one-piece cast brake rigging was replaced with clevises and wire, and the one piece cast brake wheel and shaft was replaced with a separate Grandt Line brake wheel and wire.

CANADIAN PACIFIC #273620 “Fowler” Stockcar

An Ultra Scale II (Chooch) resin kit was used for this model. The patterns were done by Bill Yancey. Stan modified the kit to circa 1930 era with new scratch built styrene ends, roof and doors. Grandt Line KC brakes, San Juan Archbar trucks and Rick Leach (RL Design) decals to complete the model.

SOUTHERN #155737 “SU” Double Sheathed Boxcar

Stan scratch built this unique boxcar fromn styrene, with Grandt Line and MacLeod Western hardware. San Juan AAR trucks, CDS lettering and Micro Scale dimensional data were used to complete the model. The SU class was used by the Southern as their primary boxcar prior to WWII. They disappeared rapidly right after the war. A number of them were sold off to shortlines and continued to operate in interchange service. 

BOSTON & MAINE #71983 Class XM-1 Boxcar

The 2008 O Scale National Convention offered a resin kit (patterns by Bill Yancey) as one of their convention cars. Stan modified the kit with San Juan KC Brakes to reflect an as built in 1930. San Juan AAR trucks with P48 wheels were used. The B&M herald was supplied with the kit decals, but the rest is from Micro Scale alphabets and dimensional data to letter the car as built in 1930. The chalk markings are decals by Rick Leach (RL Design) and Sunshine Models.

CANADIAN PACIFIC “Fowler” Boxcar #139987

Ultra Scale II (Chooch) resin kit. Patterns by Bill Yancey. Modified to c1930 era with new scratch built ends, roof and doors. Grandt Line KC brakes and San Juan Archbar trucks. Rick Leach (RL Design) decals.

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