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Photo Gallery:Robert Leners

Robert has been working in ΒΌ" scale for many years primarily in narrow gauge. In recent years, he has become an prolific standard gauge modeler. His interests focus around Midwestern prototypes like the SOO, C&NW and freelance road based upon the inspirational writings of the later Paul Larson.

Canadian Pacific Railway Boxcar

Robert was one of first modelers to build Southern Car & Foundry's first standard gauge freight car kit. The model kit was based upon the CPR "mini" boxcar. He selected to do the older plain style of lettering that the all of cars wore up until the introduction of the "Spans the World" scheme of the late 1940s. The model is painted with Scale Coat custom color blended for the CNR SIG. It accurately captures the shade used on CPR cars of that era.

Northern Pacific double sheathed wood boxcar (10,000 series)

Robert built this fine example of the NP's signature freight car of the steam era. The model was done from Chooch's first Ultra Scale II kit released many years ago. Robert used lettering from Rick Leach to do the car. Rick was responsible for the masters of the fine kit.

Soo Line AAR 1937 double door boxcar

The Soo bought a small group of double door boxcars from Pullman for hauling general freight. Robert built this car from an Intermountain square corner single door kit. He modified the sides and added a door along with a number detailing items. The basic conversion was described in the SOO magazine in the Fall 2012 issue. Lettering was done with a combination of sets since no correct set exists for the car. Although, Jerry Glow has a set in HO that can be custom printed in O scale.

More of Robert's models